Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Mai SpearSong ... Informer ...


(Dai Sang along in the car and I laffed sooo hard! Hoped all of u would get a laff out of it as well)

PTI my Prettehs ... Me again this time with a WHOPPER of a presentation from 1 of r very favorite stores SpearSong ... SpearSong released some really awesome things sooo lets get to it!

The first release was a really awesome mesh Studded Blazer with Tee ... This meshie comes in a wide variety of designs and in all the standard sizes ... This Blazer really does add a touch of rocker style to any outfit we at the NOMONKS r calling it a definite BUY! Also while ur checkin out the new releases at SpearSong make sure u take a moment to check out the new accessories ... SpearSong have traditional style Mesh Nerd Glasses that u can wear in the standard way or that u can hang from ur top ... Really awesome innovation if u ask me ... Trust me I will b wearing mine all the time! SpearSong also released a really cool new mesh top and regular designed mesh Blazer with Tee ... ALL MUST HAVES!!!

Make sure that u clickity click on the MP Link to Flirt ... Flirt have released 2 brand spankin new makeups the Crucify and Hawt Lips ... This is for the Rocker in u Ladies!

Also as always while ur out doing ur shopping stop by r friends at Soothe as they released some a really cool lit cross collection that u absolutely MUST HAVE!

And last but certainly not least make sure u pop over to IllMatic as they have released the best set of flats that I have seen on the grid! The Suede Minnetonka Moccasin ... This new release comes in soooo many different colors that u will b sure to find a color to go with any outfit! Styling or fitting this 1 into whatever style ur wearing is a dream ... Stop by and pick urs up today! ... Cya There!

 Happy Shopping Ladies! ;)  
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  Skin -Glam Affair - Europa(01)
Ears -Mandala- Steking Ears (Mesh)
MakeUp -Flirt- Crucify
LipColor -Flirt- Hawt Lips  
Top -SpearSong- Studded Blazer With Tee (Mesh)