Saturday, August 31, 2013

Mai IllMatic ... Get It Up!!!


PTI my Prettehs ... Me again with some brand spankin new releases from r friends at IllMatic ... IllMatic has released a lot of new releases and I think that these have to b some of my favorite items of all time ... I have to say that I adore designers that r multifaceted ... When I can stop at ur store and buy something for every occasion thats when I'm my most happy ... These releases r not just  IllMatics usual fun and flirty, but these tickle all ur tastebuds with some casual some not so casual ... IllMatics brand new Mesh Duo Harness Dress and the casual styled Mesh Dipped LS Pullover and Outlaw Skinny Cargos belong in EVERY CLOSET Ladies! ... These releases come in sooo many colors and designs I have no idea how u could pass them up!!! Also my favorites ... The Mesh Cotton T-Shirt in all the metal colors of ur choice and the Destroy Skinny Jeans in a variety of washes r sure to b worn out this fall and winter ... Also while ur checking out IllMatics Mainstore  stop by and get a glimpse of all the jewelry releases as well ... The Medusa Kors Watch and the Prehistoric Metallic Cuff r great ALL PURPOSE MUST BUYS!!! ... Catch that TP Ladies!

While ur out make sure u head over to r very good friends at Bens Beauty ... The Bens Beauty Mainstore is carrying the brand new Ice Cream Jewelry Set release and over at the Bens Beauty booth at Fi*Friday ... The Dakota Jewelry Set is available ... Both sets r well worth the TPs ... 

And r favorite makeup artist has been at it again ... R friends at Pink Acid have the gorgeous Bubble Gum Pop Lip Gloss 8 Pack along with the Long Diva Alpha Top Eyelashes at their booth over at SFW ... Both r guaranteed MUST HAVES!!! Cya At The Racks!!!
Happy Shopping Ladies! ;)

Look #2096

Look #2095

Pure Poison Dai ... Roar ...


Hello again my Prettehs ... Me Again with some brand new releases from r friends over at Pure Poison ... Pure Poison brand new releases of the Mesh Alex Clubbin Dress, Deea Dress, Black Viper Dress and the Angel Dress ... These r MUST HAVE to ur wardrobe for any and all formal occasions! and all of the brand new jewelry sets that r sparkling in the Pure Poison Mainstore all need to b in ur wardrobe today ... Make sure u stop by and pick them up today u will b so happy that u did!

While ur out stop over and visit the Pink Acid booth at the Fi*Friday Event! The Brand Spankin New Release Pom Pom Matte Lips comes in 8 different colors that r sure to spice up ur summer ... Make sure u pop over and pick this pack up today!

Happy Shopping Ladies! Cya There!