Sunday, December 22, 2013

Mai INSight ... Do Something ...


PTI my Prettehs me again with some fantastic new releases from r friends over at INSight ... Plz make sure u stop by and pick all the INSight goodies today u will b sooo glad u did! Whether its the Shiny Net Leggings or the fantastic Half Leather Leggings or the mesh Ivana Long Shirt or u wanna dress the mesh Dyana Shorts for the winter trust me when I say all of the new releases r MUST HAVES in any closet!

Also while ur out plz plz plz stop by and visit r friends at IllMatic ... IllMatic is one of r absolute favorite stores on the grid today ... The newest releases r always at the height of the fashion scene in SL ... I really did enjoy the Perfect Teeth ... This addition to ur avi will have everyone taking a second look ... With lots of different options for not only metal grills but for the diamond teeth as well ... I wear em everywhere and soon u will b too ... I also really adore the Sheena Bustier Tee coming in a variety of colors and with the Lola applier u will b sure to turn heads ... Also what can I really say about the Mesh Kala Print Oversized Tee ... This tee was a styling dream ... Make sure u run out and get all the news from IllMatic u will b sooo happy that u did!

Happy Shopping Ladies! ;p
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Hair -Magika[01] Clumsy (Mesh)
Shape -Anna's Shapes-Ely 
Skin -Birdy- Delilah Skin (Pure)
Eyelashes -Pink Acid- Night Beauty Eyelashes
 LipColor -Pink Acid- Sticky Bun Lip Gloss V3
Teeth -IllMatic-Perfect Teeth
Top -IllMatic- Kala Print Oversized Tee (Mesh)
Shorts -INSight- Dyana Shorts (Mesh)
Stockings -Izzies- Gradient Tights
Boots -ISON- Carazon Boots