Saturday, September 28, 2013

Mai INSight ... Like A Prayer ...


PTI my Prettehs ... Me again finally back with another edition of new releases from my favorite stores around the grid ...

R friends over at INSight r absolutely staying fresh with their brand new Oopsy  and Unzipped Shorts ... These new releases r not just fabulous additions to have in ur closet but probably the first thing u will want to wear with ur brand new Phat Azz attachment ... Make sure u head over to the INSight Mainstore and pick them up today!!!

Next up on ur shopping list definitely has to b the many new items that r available from r favorite makeup artist over at Pink Acid ... Pink Acid releases the best cropped tops that I have seen on the grid ... The Long Sleeve Half Top comes in a variety of colors and the texture to DIEEE FORRR!!! This is a MUST HAVE!!! ... Also complete ur shopping list at Pink Acid by picking up the Pom Pom LipShine V.2 ... Luv these vibrant colors!!!

On ur shopping extravaganza u need to pop over to Bens Beauty .... Bens Beauty released the Egyptian Necklace and trust me when I say this is just the addition that will top off any outfit u could put together whether its a formal dramatic look or a more casual 1 like I have here ... 

Ur last stop has to b at IllMatic ... IllMatic released the Vivica Platform Sandals ... This socked platform sandal look is gonna b ur favorite go-to this fall trust me ... BUY  BUY BUY!!! ... Cya At The Racks!!!

On A Personal Note ... We were asked to reverify r Facebook account yet again and we have come to the conclusion that it is time for the NOMONKS and Facebook to part ways ... We appreciate all of r Facebook Peeps and ask that u follow us now on SLX ... We miss all of u!!!

Happy Shopping Ladies! ;)
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Skin -Glam Affair -Cleo (America06)
Glasses -Zoom- Intelectus Eyeglass   
Eyelashes -Pink Acid- Night Beauty Eyelashes
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