Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Enelya's Creation Dai ... ShowStopper ...


Hello again my Prettehs ... Finally we r back with some brand new releases that r sure to please all ur senses ... A lot had gone on since the last time we posted and we r sorry that it has taken sooo long, but we promise to get all caught up in a timely fashion ... We have missed a ton while we were away and we missed blogging while we were away as well ... All of u that follow us on Facebook know that we have been having just the suckiest month that anyone has ever been allowed to have and that is the reason for the lack of posts ... We appreciate all r viewers and all of r sponsors for hanging in there with us as this has been a most difficult time ...

But I do have some MUST HAVES for ur closets ladies ... So get sit back get ur popcorn and b prepared to TP cuz what ur about to c is amazing!

The first new release I have for all of u is from r friends over at Enelya's Creations ... The Raissa mesh dress is probably one of the more sophisticated items at Enelya's Creations... Its a definite showstopper when r out in the clubs ... With its low v cut neckline and its short short hemline its bound to make u a hit when doin all ur club hoppin this Fall ... This mesh beauty comes with a texture changing HUD that takes u on a wild ride of design ... U can change this gorgeous dress from classy to sexy and back again all with a click of ur mouse ...

While ur out make sure u hit up r friends over at Kennedys Super Pumps ... These pumps r just perfect for everyday wear ... U can really style them with anything ur wearing and with the 40 Color HUD that comes along with it this one is a definite BUY BUY BUY!!! I can't tell u how long I have been looking for a simple everyday pump that can match and blend well with everything and at the same time doesn't deter or distract! ALL PURPOSE MUST HAVE ITEM ladies make sure u make these urs! Just FYI while ur at Kennedys make sure u check out the new Leopard Pumps as well ... They come in a variety of colors and allow u to walk on the wild side! 

The next place u definitely need to pop in on is the Liason Collaborative Event ... R good friends Pure Poison have an exclusive there that is to DIE FOR!!! The Lady Fly Necklace is a MUST HAVE!!! This one is only for the daring ladies! I found that this really did dress up any monocolored outfit or dress u may have ... Save this one for that special club opening where u wanna get noticed or that special evening when u and ur mate r looking to spice things up! The Lady Fly Necklace fits fantastically and is a MUST HAVE!!!

Last But Certainly NOT LEAST!!! On ur way home u absolutely need to stop off at the SFW Event and pick up the brand new release from r friends over at Pink Acid ... Pink Acid went beyond Awesome with the release of the Magic EyeShadow ... These come in several different colors most certainly to fit all that last minute summer time fun u will b having ... Also keep an eye out for the Pencil Eyeliner Alpha Top Eye Makeup and the Long Diva Alpha Top Eyelashes ... This combo of eyeliciousness adds even more drama to this already dramatic look! Making it a complete MUST HAVE!!! The last touch to the gorgeous look is the Au Natural Lips coming in 2 colors that r sure to fit whatever style u r looking for!

Make sure u take time out and catch all the special things that make up this look ... U will b sooo glad u did!

Happy Shopping Ladies!

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Hair -Truth- Mina (Blondes) (Mesh)
Skin -Belleza- Ava (Med. 0) 
  EyeLashes -Pink AcidLong Diva Alpha Top Eyelashes (For SFW) Eyeliner -Pink Acid-Pencil Eyeliner Alpha Top Eye Makeup (For SFW)
LipColor -Pink Acid- Au Natural Lips (For SFW)
Necklace -Pure Poison- Lady Fly Necklace (For Liason Collaborative)
Dress -Enelya's Creations- Raissa (Mesh)
  Shoes-Kennedys- Super Pumps