Saturday, April 27, 2013

Mai SpearSong ... Its My Life ...


PTI my Prettehs! Me again this time with a great presentation from 1 of my favorite stores on the grid SpearSong ... I can't believe how awesome these releases were ... Tons of meshies available sooo make sure u get over there and pick up the best of the best ... Even an amazing new tattoo!!! ... The coolest thing that I have to make sure that u make part of ur wardrobe today is the Little Black Flats ... These flats go with everything and make it sooo easy to style ur favorite pieces!!! These r for the casual in u!!!

Also theres a new store on the grid Facella ... U need to catch the TP people! Facella is releasing some awesome meshies that u absolutely have to have!

Also r besties over at Bens Beauty released some of Bens Beautys very best for the Fi*Friday event! Make sure u pop over and pick up the Niky Earring and Necklace its a perfect addition to any outfit no matter what ur style is!

R friends over at Pink Acid released their newest items for Fi*Friday and as u can c they r sooo awesome! Make sure u TP over and pick up Constellation Gloss, The Saturday Boots and the 2 Much Eye Makeup ... The 2 Much Eye Makeup is an definite MUST HAVE for any female wardrobe ... This is for the dramatic in u ladies! Cya at the Racks!

Happy Shopping Ladies! ;p

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 Hair -Iconic- Posh-A (Browns)
Skin -Belleza- Ava (Pale 0)
Eyeliner -IllMatic- Kaiden Eyeliner (Plain)
LipColor -Pink Acid- Constellation Gloss (For Fi*Friday)
Jacket -SpearSong- Women's Smoker Jacket (Mesh) 
Top -VG- V Cardigan
Necklace and Earrings -Bens Beauty- Niky Earring and Necklace (For Fi*Friday)
Skirt -SpearSong- Belted Skimpy Skirt (Mesh)
Shoes -IllMatic- Suede Minnetonka Moccasin