Friday, April 26, 2013

Mai Pink Acid ... Lady In Red ...


PTI my Prettehs ... I'm finally back from a rather lengthy absence due to some tech difficulties ... Glad to c things still as awesome as ever for the NOMONKS ...

I was feelin real red today sooo I thought a red theme would b wonderful!

This presentation is the final presentation from r good friends over at Piccara as they have decided to change their name to InSight ... I have to say the incarnation of Piccara had some amazing amazing amazing releases and I hope the InSight releases r even more awesome! ... Make sure u keep ur eye out for the InSight Grand Opening as I'm sure it will b worth ur while! ... I really did luv the short lil mesh Cord skirt ... It was an absolute dream to style for ... Also the Mesh Lacey Dress was really cute as well ...

While ur shophopping make sure u get over to r friends over at Wunderland and pick up their Mesh Frilly Cotton Shirt ... It comes in a variety of colors all sure to please ... This meshie was a stylists dream ... It really did fit in with any style on the grid! Catch that TP ladies!

Stop by The Dressing Room Blue cuz r very good friends over at Pink Acid r totally rawkin out with Pink Acid release of the Mermaid Fly, Cupcake Glaze Gloss and Breeze Lipstick Frost Edition ... Sooo Cute! MUST HAVES LADIES!!! (Sorry was totally screaming at my screen again ...)

Make another pit stop at r friends over at Bens Beauty ... The Bens Beauty Mainstore is filled with goodies thats for sure, but the new Rich Nails r definitely a MUST HAVE ... Simple ALL PURPOSE nails for a really great price! Cya at the Racks!

Happy Shopping Ladies! ;p

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 Hair -Truth- Brianna (Gingers) (Mesh)
 Skin -Belleza- Ava (Pale 0)
Eyeliner -IllMatic- Kaiden Eyeliner (Plain)
LipColor -Pink Acid- Mermaid Fly Lipstick (For TDR)
Ears -Mandala- Steking Ears (Mesh)
Dress -Piccara- Lacey Dress (Mesh)
 Nails -Bens Beauty- Rich Nails