Friday, April 19, 2013

Cheeky Dai ... Black and Gold ...


Hello again my Prettehs ... Me again officially another year older and hopefully a lil wiser ... I wanna thank all my Facebook friends for all their bday wishes it was sooooo nice of u! *CyberHugs* ... I am not only featuring one of my favorite stores, but one of my favorite songs today! Todays presentation is from friends over at Cheeky ... Cheeky released some really cute new meshies that r definitely MUST HAVES in any wardrobe ... From the Dany and the Mae mesh dresses to the Kathy Extreme Mini and of course their Tech Shirt is amazing for those days when u wanna keep under cover ... No matter what news u r coppin make sure u make it over to Cheeky today!

Also make sure u head over to r friends at Enelya's Creations ... They have a really sweet legwarmer/boot meshie that u need to pick up for all those casual outfits u own ... Catch the TP Ladies!

Happy Shopping Ladies! Cya There!
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Hair -Boon-YNO421 (Blone)
Skin - League- Jen (Medium)
Shirt-Cheeky- Tech Shirt (Mesh)
Nails -Mstyle- Long Nails v2 - Obscure Matt  
Shorts -ToxicBish -Toxic Shorts 
Stockings -Sheer- Leggings 26    
LegWarmers/Boots -EC- Maylie LegWarmer and Shoe