Thursday, March 28, 2013

Mai Wunderland ... Shadow ...


PTI my Prettehs ... Me again with another presentation from r friends over at Wunderland ... Wunderland has released some amazing things lately all worth a look ... Make sure u pop over to Wunderland's Mainstore and check out these cute mesh Batik Jeans ... The Batik Jeans come in a variety of colors and designs ... Trust me when I say they are a dream to style for ... As r the The Wild Halter Top and the Mesh CupCake Pants ... Also coming in a variety that both suits ur style and wallet ... Cya at the Racks!

U know the NOMONKS aren't stopping there when it comes to the new releases make sure u catch that taxi to r friends at Bens Beauty ... The release of King and Queen Crown Necklace and Earrings and the Audrey Muse Necklace and Rings r an MUST HAVE for any wardrobe!

Also make sure u head over to the final days of the Soho Sample Sale because r very good friends from Pink Acid have released 3 beautiful new lipcolors ... Pink Acids Winter Lips V.2 is my new fav ... I think the dryness of texure and the extra pop of bright color pretteh much sums up this Winter Season ... The Cupcake Glaze Gloss and the Witches Gloss r a dream to style for as well ... We at the NOMONKS r calling these BUYS for any female wardrobe!

Another new release to tell u about is from r friends over at Felicitys ... They released the brand new Monique High Heel Stiletto and trust me when I say this is a definite MUST HAVE! Pop over and pick all ur favorite colors up today!

 Happy Shopping Ladies! ;p

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Hair -Analog Dog- Apple Moustache (Dark Browns)
Skin -Belleza- Ava (Pale 0)
Eyeliner -IllMatic- Kaiden Eyeliner (Plain)
Ears -Mandala- Steking Ears (Mesh)
LipColor -Pink Acid- Cupcake Glaze Gloss (For Soho Sample Sale)
Tattoo -Utopiah- The DarkSide of Life Tattoo
 Nails -Bens Beauty- Perfect Nails
Rings -Bens Beauty- Audrey Muse Rings
   Pants -Wunderland- CupCake Pants (Mesh)