Saturday, February 9, 2013

Mai Pink Acid ... Stupid Girls ...


PTI my Prettehs ... OMG! I have a ton to show u I have been waiting for this for soooo long ... All of my regular viewers know how I feel about r good friends over at Pink Acid, but lemme tell ya looking thru all the goodies that I missed while I was sick I was soooooo AMAZED at the awesomeness that was inside ...

Also make sure u catch the new LM to Pink Acid their mainstore is amazing!

The first thing is that Pink Acid has been participating in a couple events around the SL Grid ... SFW and the Fi*Friday event ... This week at both events Pink Acid has released some really gorgeous whole face makeups ... This is really cool seeing as a lot of us have parties and events to go to and tryin to rummage thru ur inventory lookin for seperate makeups or the fact that some of us dun have a computer with enuff power to add a million layers to get the makeup look that we want ... Pink Acid has solved all those problems with releasing the entire face makeup ... Plz follow those taxis and check out with Pink Acid has to offer this week u will b soooo happy u did ...

One of the really cool things that came out this week for the SFW and the Fi*Friday event was the awesome eyes ... I have been really looking for some cool eyes and the release of the Faith Eyes in Honey Dew Hazel and Honey Melon Green were just what I was looking for!

Like I said I have been very sick for awhile soooo I missed some releases ... But looking thru the boxes I found makeup gold ... The first thing I noticed is that there were a few lipcolors that came with 2 seperate versions which I luv luv luv ... The glisten in the Collagen Lips definitely will b a hit this Valentines Day ... The glossy sheen of it fits in perfectly with the sexy outfits that all of us will b wearing this season ...

The next was the Summer Brights ... Everyone knows how much I adore orange ... This lipcolor comes in a matte finish which makes it a perfect lil splash of color to all ur regular casual everyday outfits ...

The Slick Lips r a joy to wear ... Especially when we hit those warmer days in the year ... To acheive the perfect bronze complexion u absolutely need this lipcolor pack!

The Pom Lips were the shocker of the whole thing for me ... OMG! This matte finished lipcolor is a MUST HAVE for sure ... I really have to say out of all the lipcolors that Pink Acid has released I have to call these my favorite ... Definitely ... Version 1 is very girlie, very pink ... Very neutral ... Version 2 however is sooooo dramatic is both color and feel ... U slip into this gothic green and u feel a certain feeling come over u ... Almost like the deepness, the richness and darkness succumbs u ... I luv it! I will b wearing them for a long time to come!

But if u dun check any of the other lipcolors out u have to check out the Ombre Lips V.1 and V.2! These r completely unique to anything I have seen on the grid today ... The blending and the color pallets r perfect in every single way ... This lipcolors come in not only in multiple colors, but there r an open mouth versions and teeth versions!

The thing about Pink Acid is that they always continue to surprise me with not only the talent and skill of the its designer, but the ability to take that skill and flare for design to new levels! Clickity Click Ladies u really need to check out what they have offer u will b soooo glad that u did!

Happy Shopping Ladies! ;)

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