Sunday, January 13, 2013

Mai Corvus ... Loop Closes ...


PTI my Prettehs ... I have been waiting and waiting to present this store Im soooo excited! ... I was online looking for makeup not to long ago and I came across a store I hadn't seen before ... This store was filled with dark goth smudgy runny makeup and some of the most gorgeous tattoos I had seen ... I sent my information and keeping my fingers crossed each day that I would hear from them about putting their blog on NOMONKS ... Finally the owner got in touch and today I finally get to present them ... 

R new friends over at Corvus much to my surprise have talents far behind the terrific makeups and tats that I had seen as Corvus has also released some really cute Mesh Cropped SweatShirts and some really hawt dresses that definitely belong in every womans wardrobe! Whether ur partnered, getting partnered just met that special someone or r single and ready to mingle make sure to check out the new dresses ... So Clickity Clack over to Corvus show them some linden luv and cop their newest releases! Cya There!

Happy Shopping Ladies ... ;)

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