Saturday, January 26, 2013

Enelya's Creation Dai ... Little Talks ...


Hello again my Prettehs ... A nice night here in the Midwest I hope every1 is enjoyin their Saturday wherever u r ... I have a doosey of a presentation for u tonight ...

When I first came to SL I found this store while searching for some TShirts on MP ... I couldn't believe the sexiness, the hawtness, THE PRICE!!! Now all of my viewers know that I absolutely dun mind buying things that I think r fantastic ... I blog for the joy of fashion and I luv the stores that I blog for ... But if I dun blog for a store as all of u have seen I will buy the things that I think r worthy of a buy ... So, when I saw these fantastic things made with a ton of skill and a real sense of sexy style I wanted to blog for them very badly ... I sent NC after NC made my intentions known every few months or so ... Just letting them know that this store without a doubt stayed on my mind ... I have bought several of their items and when I would hit their store I would send a prayer up and keep my fingers crossed that today was the day that my wish was granted ... 1 day totally out of the blue they sent me an invite to their blogger list and that my Prettehs is what brings us here today!

Enelya's Creation is releasing some Pretteh Hawt and Tempting items that u can wear with those gorgeous Lolas of urs ... So whether u get on MP and find the Box Alessa or the Box  Callie or if u wanna Clickity Clack that TP and head to Enelya's Creation Mainstore in world and cop both outfits make sure u show r new sponsors Enelya's Creation some luv! Cya there ladies! This 1 is tooo good to miss!

Happy Shopping Ladies ;)

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 Hair -Ploom- Heart (Mesh) (Available at Zodiac)
 Skin -Al Vulo- Eleonor (Sunkissed)
Jacket -PaperBag- Fur Bolero Jacket (Black) (Mesh)
Outfit -EC- Callie (Mesh)
Lolas -Lolas- Tango (Mesh) (Mesh) 
Jewelry -ME Jewelry - Pearl Time 
Nails -Izzie's- Metallic Nails
 Tights -Anymore- Lace Tights #2 (Black)
Boots -Pure Poison- Kayla V.2 Wedges (Mesh)