Saturday, December 1, 2012

Mai RaMa RoWanberry ... Its a New Day ...


MaiBella Resident :
PTI my Prettehs ... I can't tell u how unbelievably happy I am that I am the 1 presenting today ... Today is a very special day here at the NOMONKS we r celebrating r 1 year anniversary and r tremendous success doesn't just belong to us it belongs to u as well ... Without all of u viewing and comin to c us everyday we wouldn't have been able to b here today ... I want to thank each and every 1 of u ... This blog means the world to us and we will remain dedicated not only to bringing u the hawtest fashions from around the SL grid, but improving ourselves more and more ... Perfection only takes a second to achieve when u believe ... Thank u sooooo much! *SuperCyberBeastBearHugs*

RaineeDaisee Resident:
Hello again my Prettehs ... I wanted to add that we thank each and every1 of u for all of ur support and ur continued well wishes ... We thank r Sponsors ... All of them past, present and all of them that will believe in us in the future ... As u can tell Fashion is life and we absolutely would have nothing without u ... Thank u to all r peeps on FlickR and Facebook ... Today we will also add some peeps in Instagram ... U might ask what we learned in r first year of blogging ... The lesson was quite simple actually and Mai knew it the whole time .... Color is ur friend ... Embrace the yellows the oranges the greens of the world! LoL! Thanx a ton! *CyberBearHugs*

Now back to the awesome presentation ...

I thought today was fitting that we SOUND THE NEW SPONSOR ALERT!!! Plz make sure that u head over to RaMa RoWanberry and check out the new releases ... I have to say that Knitted Nep Textured Ripped Sweater with the slits on the back and the Drifter Cutoff Shorts r my absolute favs ...

Happy Shopping Ladies ... ;)

Smooches MaiBella Resident

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 Hair -Truth- Nyx (Dark Browns) (Mesh)
 Skin -Glam Affair -Lilith (America05)
Top -Piccara- Sexy Shirt (Grab It!)
Jewelry -Bens Beauty- Pretty Butterfly (Silver with Black Option) 
Nails -Mandala- Option Short Nail Set (Basic Skin Nails)  
  Shorts -RaMa RoWanberry- Drifter Cutoff Shorts
Shoes -Maitreya Gold- Flip-Flops (Eclipse) (Mesh)