Monday, December 31, 2012

Mai Chandelle ... My Eyes R Red ...



PTI my Prettehs! Dai and I would luv to start off this presentation by sayin that the passed year has brought  us soooo many good things that we can hardly believe it! 

The first thing  was an awesome learning year here on r blog with all of u! Glad u hung in there with us! 81 thousand views in a lil over a year isn't bad at all ... We went farther than we ever thought we would ... I wonder what 2013 will bring?

It brought us a fantastic group of friends. Thanks to the over 1500 friends that have joined us on FaceBook and the 628 of u that have joined us on FlickR ... If u haven't joined us yet whatcha waiting for? We luvs to c all ur pics and status updates ... Some of u r truely r style inspirations! If u have Instagram follow us and we will totally follow u back ...

We really appreciate all of r SPONSORS whether its past of present ... We had an awesome time and have learned something from each of u! We also thank u for all ur support and ur dedication to ur craft ... We look forward to what the New Year brings ... So, we would like to take time out to give a shout out to r favs of 2012!

Maibella: Pink Acid and Piccara! Omg! I dun think that a whole lot more can b said about these designers ... The both truely showed their tenacity for not only color, but style and that always wins in the NOMONK book! As the year plugged along sooo did they! Each release was better than the 1 before and all stuff I will use and cherish in the New Year! As the year came to and end they have without a doubt established themselves as my ultimate style icons!

RaineeDaisee: No Doubt Molichino and Tenjin ... Both for their personal stakes in their designs and because they show the a great range in designs and styles!

Resolutions? I never make em ... The year will b what it will b ... But I know this year will only strengthen my resolve for success ...

Most of all we thank u the viewers! Without u we would not b here!!! We love u all!


Todays presentation is made just in time for all of u to catch the TP over to r good friend Chandelle Designs and pick up all the goodies while their sale is going on! Whatcha waiting for? Clickity Click!

Happy Shopping Ladies ... ;)

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